Happiness is a defaulted goal we travel the distance of our years one moment at a time  , while we think it is outside there just like flight destination , it is a journey of emotional circumstances we can only feel inside ourselves , we identify with success until it is normal , which is true all the time , we are designed to succeed either way , positive or negative , bad or good , fast or slow .This happiness is naturally present in the moment we laugh our heart out with each other with a choice our pets do not have.


Harmony is an internal natural attribute rarely acknowledged in relationship , we observe its absence in any piece of music or an art work easily , however in relationship we ignore it and things turn ugly everyday until we decide to walk away and retract our attention from what we have created , a family which has a deep root of presence in our psychic as well as our biological presence , that perfect DNA sequence which create our identity and belonging millions of years in history could mean nothing and/or could mean financial gain at one point in someone life.

Happiness & Families