What can we offer for a family other than a product or a service ?

Why...?  When ....?  How....?

Products and services are the foundation of any sales transaction , we are Detronet.com striving to offer not only the best , but extra attention to the infrastructure of customers , members and clients . The original family with all its challenges and benefits , the extended family that reach beyond biological boundaries and barriers , the acquired family which includes our pets .

The why is obvious , we already in the products and services business , it is our mission to make this relationship healthy and productive , we are looking forward for a platform of communication that reflect our philosophy behind the products distribution and services.

When is always now. The future is an anticipation of what we all want to become ,  the past is where we came from , however , the journey endless since we have to decide the quality of change , the quantity of circumstances we must create and the amount of energy we have to exert to be the one who can make the change. When is now.

How is natural , so easy and joyful . We belong to human being that is designed for success either way negative or positive  , our natural skills and tools were not all utilized , some of these forces , skills and tools are still dormant . I will keep on writing , editing, creating videos , not because there are some wrong things , mistakes out there , but because our basic instinct is creativity ,expansion , happiness , joy and enjoyment as we spend the time in this physical body. 


We are knocking the doors  that were designed to open.

We are asking the questions that could be answered .