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Colgate 360 Charcoal Toothbrush Soft - 3ct

Colgate 360 Charcoal Toothbrush Soft - 3ct

The Colgate 360⁰ Charcoal adult toothbrush has charcoal infused floss-tip bristles† and whitens teeth‡. This charcoal toothbrush cleans 2x deeper* along the gum line and its cheek and tongue cleaner comfortably removes odor-causing bacteria. Plus, this Colgate adult toothbrush is responsibly made.* Made in a zero true waste, LEED-certified facility, the Colgate 360 toothbrush has a 100% recycled paperboard backercard. This toothbrush pack includes different colors of toothbrushes for multiple people in a household or for stocking up. Remember to change your toothbrush every 3 months. *To learn more, visit †This toothbrush does not replace flossing *vs. an ordinary flat-trim toothbrush ‡In 1 week; toothbrush removes surface stains

Packaging contains recycled content - 100% recycled paperboard backercard
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