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Icon by Audicus Beige Hearing Aids - 2ct

Icon by Audicus Beige Hearing Aids - 2ct

A premium OTC hearing aid that delivers a natural and comfortable listening experience
- Enjoy crystal clear hearing tailored for your hearing profile with the Icon by Audicus
- A powerful and sophisticated 16-channel amplifier provides amplification to the sounds you have trouble hearing while providing less amplification to the sounds you’re able to hear. The amplifier also monitors incoming sounds to automatically adjust the amplification level based on the loudness - soft sounds are amplified more and loud sounds are amplified less, which provides a more comfortable and enjoyable listening experience.
- Each hearing aid includes dual microphones to amplify the sounds you want to focus on while suppressing unwanted background noise.
- The hearing aids also include telecoil technology, speech is sent directly to your hearing aids through an induction loop system on other telecoil systems.

Customized to your hearing profile through an in-app hearing check
- Download the free companion app that will take you through a hearing assessment test and then use the results of that test to automatically program the hearing aids for your hearing profile. After the hearing aid is programmed, the amplifier will amplify the sounds that you have the most difficulty hearing.
- Need an adjustment? No problem. You can tweak the devices through user settings or take another hearing test at any time. You are in complete control of your devices. No additional costs or extras fees.

Practically invisible hearing aids
- With a thin, clear tube that fits in-ear, the Icon is discreet and comfortable for an all-day fit.

Over a decade of industry experience
- Audicus is a US-based and owned company that has been selling premium hearing aids for over 10 years. We stand apart in the service we offer our customers – you will receive free lifetime product support for the product from a team of Audicus employees based in the US.
- We’re proud to have served tens of thousands of happy customers by providing high-quality hearing aids at a great price, all backed by world-class customer service.

Satisfaction guarantee
- Join thousands of other happy customers and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our 30 day risk-free trial.

Standard Battery Powered (Size 312 - not rechargeable)
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