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Profile Cobalt Performance Shave Gel - 6 fl oz

Profile Cobalt Performance Shave Gel - 6 fl oz

"It was almost impossible for me to find no-nonsense skincare products that actually worked, weren’t crazy expensive and support my active lifestyle.
So, I created Profile which draws on everything I’ve learned over the years about looking my best."

-Rob Lowe

A close shave makes you look and feel great, but irritated skin caused by shaving can distract you from the things you’d rather be paying attention to.

Performance Shave Gel perfectly preps skin for its closest, smoothest shave. Powerful ingredients such as Dragon’s Blood Extract, which comes from the sap of certain types of tropical trees and contains healing properties that have been used for centuries, along with Meadowfoam that protect skin cells, reduces puffiness and locks in moisture – while Aloe Vera heals and improves the appearance of damaged skin, all make for a formula that will leave skin feeling soft, smooth and comfortable after shaving. Performance Shave Gel is also fragrance free, so it’s perfect for all skin types.

After cleansing, apply Power Shave Gel on damp skin prior to shaving. Finish with SPF 30 Moisturizer in the AM or RECHARGE FACE MOISTURIZER in the PM. For the ultimate shaving experience, use our REVITALIZE SCRUB prior to shaving.
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